Water Resources Stewardship Essays

The following essays are part of a five-year series on water resources stewardship in the Cowpasture River Watershed, sponsored by the CRPA (and published in The Recorder). The goal of the series is to create awareness among students, citizens and officials of the critical need to protect our surface and groundwater resources and to stimulate interest in progressive stewardship.

Essay 20: Special Places of Aesthetic and Recreational Value 4-15-19

Essay 19: Swinging Bridges of the Cowpasture and Bullpasture Rivers 5-17-18

Essay 18: The Great Blue Heron

Essay 17: Black Bears and Water 3-29-18

Essay 16: Best in Class: Karst Sinkhole Buffer 6-12-17

Essay 15: The Value of Water: Cool, Clear, Water 12-15-16

Essay 14: Riparian & Karst Buffers: Effective Water Quality Protection 06-22-16

Essay 13: Erosion in Rugged Mountainous Terrain 10-17-16

Essay 12: The Belted Kingfisher of the Cowpasture River 2-1-16

Essay 11: Water-powered Mills of the Cowpasture Watershed 10-8-15

Essay 10: Conservation Easements 9-15-15

Essay 9: Brook Trout of the Cowpasture 7-9-15

Essay 8: Summer Camps Along the Cowpasture 4-30-15

Essay 7: Biodiversity 3-11-15

Essay 6: Losing Streams, Caves, and Springs 2-19-15

Essay 5: Karst Sinkholes 1-2-15

Essay 4: Springs 12-11-14

Essay 3: Ground Water 11-13-14

Essay 2: Surface Waters 10-2-14

Essay 1: Watershed 9-4-14