Cowpasture River Preservation Association Mission

To preserve the natural condition and beauty of the Cowpasture River
and its tributaries for present and future generations.


The Cowpasture River Preservation Association seeks to be:

A model conservation organization in the region, acting as a leader in watershed education and stewardship.

An organization whose membership is inclusive of all river owners, admirers, users, and watershed residents.

Recognized by the local community as a valuable resource, respected and trusted.

A driving force in the preservation of the natural condition, water quality and beauty of the Cowpasture River watershed.

A proactive advocate for environmental issues in the Alleghany Highlands.

A partner in cooperative efforts to protect the environment.

Core Values

The Cowpasture River is a unique, precious, non-replaceable resource.

The River is a vital resource in recreation, economic, and aesthetic terms, thus it is important for everyone to protect and support.

Riparian landowners and other users of the river are vital to maintaining water quality.

Healthy water and soil (high quality and well cared for) produce healthy wildlife, livestock, and people and therefore is essential to the quality of life in the watershed.