Board of Directors

CRPA’s board of directors meets quarterly. The board is responsible for governance, planning, oversight of staff and programs, and assurance of financial solvency for the organization. Directors are elected by the membership and seated at the annual meeting in May of each year. Terms of service are for one, two, or three years and are limited to two consecutive terms. Directors generally live in one of the counties through which the Cowpasture River flows, although this is not a requirement to serve on the board.  Any member can serve on the board. If interested, contact us.

Officers and Directors — 2019 – 2020

Richard Brooks, President
David Burnett, Vice President
Kim Manion, Secretary

Lucius Bracey
Linda Cauley
Elizabeth Dudley
Michael Hayslett
Marshall Higgins
Catherine Manner
Norwood Morrison
Steve Van Lear
Nan Mahone Wellborn
Jeremy White

Executive Assistant
Lynne Griffith