Bill Hardbarger Education Scholarship Fund Auction

Longtime CRPA Member, Bill Hardbarger, passed away on March 12, 2020.

Bill lived most of his life within view of the Cowpasture River, and he loved it dearly.

One of his passions was river education for students of all ages.

In an effort to carry on his legacy, CRPA member Mike Whiteside suggested we start up the Bill Hardbarger Education Scholarship Fund.
In order to kick it off, Mike donated two items for an online auction – an Orvis fly rod and a fly butt pack.

Before long, other members started donating various items of their own, ranging from art work, gift certificates, cabin rentals, crafts, memorabilia, etc.

Check out the two pages of 19 auction items that we have up for bid.

The auction will run from September 10 until October 9.

All proceeds will benefit the Bill Hardbarger Education Scholarship Fund.

Thank you in advance for your support!

Please note: All bidders must register in order to bid for an auction item. Once your bid is placed, a login/registration prompt will display.