The Cowpasture River Preservation Association publishes a newsletter four times each year (once per season) featuring upcoming events, updates from meetings and workshops, reports on our stream monitoring program and other topics of interest to our membership and supporters of the Cowpasture River watershed. Follow the links below to read our most recent issues:

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We also collaborate with federal, state, and other conservation partners to produce studies and reports on the Cowpasture River and related water resource issues.  A selection of those publications can be found below:

Joint Chief’s Partnership: Lower Cowpasture Restoration Project 2019 Report

Southern Environmental Law Center - Path of the Pipeline -- Read and listen to the stories of people who will be directly affected by the Atlantic Coast Pipeline

Pipeline Compliance Surveillance Initiative (CSI), March 9, 2018 - The Seven Steps of Incident Investigation In the Event the Pipeline Goes Forward

Downstream Strategies, February 21, 2018 - Threats to Water Quality from Mountain Valley Pipeline and Atlantic Coast Pipeline Water Crossings in Virginia

The Daily Progress, The News Virginian, January 30, 2018: Environmental Groups File Lawsuit Challenging FERC Approval of Pipeline

NBC 29 Charlottesville, January 30, 2018: Lawsuit Filed Against FERC Over Atlantic Coast Pipeline Approval

lHuffington Post, September 14, 2017: West Virginia Revokes Approval Of Mountain Valley Pipeline As Legal Terrain Shifts

The Roanoke Times, June 21, 2017: "Environmental groups: Justification for Dominion's Atlantic Coast Pipeline has 'eroded'"

Downstream Strategies, August 18, 2016: Guidance for Monitoring Effects of Gas Pipeline Development on Surface Water and Groundwater Supplies

Cowpasture River Fish Community Assessment 2014 Report

Cowpasture River Fish Community Assessment 2013 Report

Warm Springs Cowpasture River Conservation Area Plan March 2003

We also make sure that our monitors are utilizing state water quality methods.  Some of these methods are outlined in the below publications:

VA DEQ Coliscan Training Manual
Va Save Our Streams Monitors Checklist

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Previous Essays for Issues in Water Resources Stewardship

The following essays are part of a five-year series on water resources stewardship in the Cowpasture River Watershed, sponsored by the CRPA (and published in The Recorder). The goal of the series is to create awareness among students, citizens and  officials of the critical need to protect our surface and groundwater resources, and to stimulate interest in progressive stewardship. 

Essay 1: Watershed 9-4-14

Essay 2: Surface Waters 10-2-14 

Essay 3: Ground Water 11-13-14

Essay 4: Springs 12-11-14

Essay 5: Karst Sinkholes 1-2-15

Essay 6: Losing Streams, Caves, and Springs 2-19-15

Essay 7: Biodiversity 3-11-15

Essay 8: Summer Camps Along the Cowpasture 4-30-15

Essay 9: Brook Trout of the Cowpasture 7-9-15

Essay10: Conservation Easements 9-15-15